Artist Statement 

My multi-disciplinary art and teaching practice explores accessibility, inclusion, craft, and play. I disrupt the exclusive and elitist tendencies of the art world by working in non-traditional art spaces, repurposing discarded and recycled materials, collaborating with artists working across multiple disciplines, and engaging with audiences of diverse and historically marginalized backgrounds. Through soft sculptures, performance, installation, murals, and workshops, my public and participatory practice employs humor, play, and absurdity to invite viewers to contemplate pressing social and environmental issues, such as consumption and human connection.

I use vibrant colours, tactility, and interactivity to create artwork rooted in authenticity, joy, and expression. I am interested in the notion of a physical dialogue between the viewer and my art; I see my sculptures as “tools for play,” and my work is often activated through performance, and is meant to be touched and felt. In inviting viewers to interact directly with my work, I blur the lines between art and audience and offer an alternative to the perceived preciousness of art. I primarily use discarded materials, putting care into what is often overlooked.

As a teaching artist, collaboration, workshops, and engagement are integral parts of my practice. I currently work with senior immigrant citizens and disabled youth, and I strive to bring art to marginalized communities. In a world deeply rooted in capitalism and systemic oppression, I believe that joy is a radical act of resistance, and that play forges a powerful space for audiences to envision and work towards alternative futures.