Destination Moon, June 2016
A solar-powered music and arts festival in Wurtsboro, NY Photo 1 & 5 by Olivia Peters. 

YOU ARE US x kookerville, an abstract film featuring the Kookers from the Destination Moon Festival by Olivia Peters and Madeleine Peters

The Kookers at Blissful Bedrooms Annual Picnic, Queens, August 2016
The Kookers helped spread joy at a celebratory picnic for disabled youth and their families. 

Photography: Alex Gold-Dvoryadkin

Meet the Kookers x FABnyc, New York, August 2016
Choreographed performance along the Lower East Side to promote community, joy and sustainability. Collaboration with non-profit, FABnyc, whose mission is to strengthen the cultural vitality in the Lower East Side. 

Short fundraising video promoting FABnyc, including footage from "Meet the Kookers." Illustrations & Animation by JP Kim. Music by Sean Lowery. Video editing by Denise Shu Mei. Featuring photos by Maria Baranova & Whitney Browne Photography.

Kookers x Special Head, Queens, October 2016
The Kookers were featured in a pilot episode for a children's show about science and magic, created by levitator Special Head. 

Accessible Art x Environment Day, Bronx, April 2017
The Kookers visited Accessible Art, an adaptive art program for disabled youth at the Special Needs Public School in the South Bronx. The school was celebrating environment day, and the Kookers helped spread the word about sustainability.