Hi all! (Whoever "all" is)

I'm starting a little blog. Nothing super personal or scandalous;), but more a way to *try* to document my process and my projects. Lots of bits and bobs are scattered on instagram, in my sketchbooks, in my journals, on my website (or, more accurately, on queue to get updated on my website... Should I focus on that instead a of a blog? Ha)...  I want to use this nook on the internet as a bit of a reflection space, and perhaps share some of my process and behind-the-scenes for different projects. I'll do my best to update this once a month. Or something. (I'm typing this from small-town, Nova Scotia, where I find myself with lots of free time, aka, thinking I'll be good at blogging?)

Overall, it's been a wildly productive and creative 2018. I feel super, super, SUPERRR grateful to be making non-stop. Very non-stop (i.e. Many sleepless nights... Am I in art-school again?) I actually feel like I'm doing this career-as-an-artist-thing? Whaaat? Sometimes I need to pinch myself, and envelop myself with pure gratitude for such a creative + passion-filled life. Even in my free time, all I do is make art. Ha! Maybe I need another hobby... (I did take up kickboxing, but that didn't infuse me with the same amount of, erm, passion....) I'm so so so so so truly grateful and I really do feel privileged every day. Gratitude is the word I am trying to embody this year.  

Some creative highlights in 2018 so far: wrapped up my wild fellowship at the MAD Museum, had a blast teaching first year students at Parsons, made some costumes + props for a few small shows (rekindling my love for theater!), had my first Solo Show at the Flux Factory (yowza!), painted my second Sing For Hope Piano, lead a huuuge mural project with Groundswell (a dream organization I've always wanted to work with), started volunteering at the Sunnyside Community Center (making art + falling in love with all the seniors), facilitated a handful of Kreate Your Own Kooker Workshops, made an installation for some pop-up festivals at the High Line (!!!), wrapped up my six-month residency at the magical Flux Factory, and hitchhiked from Montreal to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, where I'm currently making concrete sculptures, painting, and starting a blog.....

Hoorah! Stay tuned....

- Lexy