"Join Van Lier Fellow Lexy Ho-Tai for this fun, family-friendly iteration of MADmakes, which invites visitors to build their own small creatures using found and recycled materials. Ho-Tai will help visitors look at everyday materials in new ways, and encourage them to invent identities and characteristics for their creations. This workshop is an extension of Ho-Tai’s own practice, which explores the boundaries between art making and imagination." 

This workshop was very openly structured: participants entered the room and were told to "make a monster!" They were given a tray, and encouraged to begin by selecting materials that excited them - perhaps old magazines, scraps of fabrics, or sticks. Throughout the night, over 30 participants stopped by, each creating a unique creature (or more!). I was impressed by how focused participants were, each putting a lot of love and energy in their new friend; many people stayed for the full duration of the workshop (3 hours). It was phenomenal having a diverse range of participants, with large variants in age and background. Some parents came with intention of merely accompanying their children... and ended up creating creatures themselves! It is always a joy when people tap into their "hidden" artist. One participant later emailed me, "The raw materials got everyone energized. I was amazed at the level of work the group was doing, and I had a wonderful time." 

More information: http://madmuseum.org/events/madmakes-lexy-ho-tai"

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